Rustie - Raptor

Pomo - Start Again Ft. Andrea Cormier

Always on the lookout for new tunes from this young MTL resident. Funky off-kilter housey grooves are served up fresh on HW&W this time ‘round. Don’t sleep on this huge original by our man.

The White Stripes - Blue Orchid (PINEO Remix) - PREMIERE

Synth-heavy slowburner of a track, PINEO comes through again with the badass electro vibes. Keep yer eyes on PINEO, he’s been playing with live instrumentation which adds an amazing spin on the typical club night experience, not to be missed. 

Catch him LIVE at Evolve Festival and Future Forest Festival this summer. 

More from PINEO:




Mind Blown! Sea Turtle Mating Call Slowed Down 2000%



As Nigel Badfield and his crew of marine biologists set out one early June morning 2014 to record the mating sounds of young sea turtles I bet they never knew what they would discover. Off of Maui’s Molokini Crater they spend the day tracking and recording the underwater squeaks and squaks of the local ocean reptiles. When Nigel got home his son, a teenage bedroom producer took the recordings and slowed them down 2000% he uploaded his recording to soundcloud and the rest is history.

LONGWALKSHORTDOCK - Tonight in #Halifax!

Brought to you by our pals at HOME BASS. Tonight’s gonna get fuckin trippy. 

10pm - Reflections Cabaret. RSVP HERE.

Shits bananas.